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Benefits of an Aptitude Test

An aptitude test measures the skills, abilities, interests, values and personality traits of an individual, who is in the verge of pursuing a new career or considering a career change. Aptitude tests are widely used by employees to screen job applicants and select the right candidate to fill up a vacancy.

Ability and aptitude are not one and the same. While an individual might have gained the experience and possess the ability for a particular job or task, he or she may not have the aptitude for the same. Aptitude is the natural talent possessed by the individual rather than the acquired knowledge or experience. An aptitude test enables an individual to spot the areas of innate or potential talent and opt for a suitable career or job. It helps identify the skills, strengths and weaknesses, which turn out to be useful in perfecting the resume for a job search. A person who is entering college can also go through an aptitude test, in order to choose a field based on his or her interest and aptitude. 

It is important to understand that life is too precious and there is no point in spending years in a career only to find that it is miserable. An aptitude test is of immense help in eliminating jobs that are unsuitable and discovering careers that perfectly match one’s interests and ability, apart from complementing work values and increase the chances of success.


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